Michigan Bass Anglers
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Introduction and Overview

Our President shows off a nice Michigan Largemouth that he caught at Smallwood Lake near Gladwin, MI.A Word from our Club President - Paul Wagner
   Well the Michigan Bass Anglers club has another full seasons under our belt.  I have been very impressed with everyone in the club over the past several seasons.  The club has prospered and is now going strong.  We don't always hold an Adult monthly meeting, ,especially during fishing season, if there is no specific business we need to attend to.  We do a lot of our business via the web and emails.   During fishing season we usually meet for breakfast the day of each of the tournament and talk about the lake we are fishing that day.  Usually someone has some tips for the lake and the discussion is open and very helpful.  It is great to see everyone share info with everyone else before a tournament.    It continues to be an enlightening experience.  I truly want to thank all of our members for their hard work since we started the club, whether it be their fund raising, stepping up anytime I have asked them to or just their cooperative efforts towards building a great club.  We participated in almost 41 events or functions this past year as a club.  That's a lot of time and effort.  Not everyone came to every single event , but collectively we got it handled.

   Our Youth Club has also prospered over this past 5 seasons.  A lot of the kids have obviously greatly improved their skills when it comes to Bass Fishing.  It has been amazing to see the level of participation from the kids and the adults, stepping up to make sure the kids get out on the lakes for tournaments as well as just to get out fishing when they are not doing a tournament.   They made us very proud.   The youth club meets monthly to discuss upcoming events and to have "training sessions" with topics such as fishing knots, hook setting, and how to pour soft plastics. The Youth Club won the Junior State Championship Team Award in 2010 and one of our Junior Members won his age group and went on to fish the Northern Divisional in 2011, 2012 and again in 2013, they made us all very proud!!

  The pretense of the club has allowed us to tournament fish and learn from each others experience. We also encourage and support any club members interested in advancing to a more competitive level of tournaments, like the Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation State Championship or Classic Series and Bass Master events offered by B.A.S.S.   Our membership varies in experience, we have members who had never been in a bass club or tournament before to experienced bass club veterans with 70mph + bass boats. Our membership is a good mix of people who want to work together and help each other learn all there is about catching bass and do it in an atmosphere that is conducive to making new friends.  We established a Youth Club and work closely with them to get them out on the lakes each season. The goal of our club is to get all members to participate in the club at all levels; we really do not want people who just want to tournament fish!  If you think you might be interested in coming to one of our meetings to see what we are all about, you are more than welcome.   We also regularly invite interested anglers to fish one of our tournaments as a guest to see how we do it. We are always looking for new members.  We welcome and encourage you to contact us if you think you are interested in joining a bass club.  Our Youth Club had upwards of 25 members as of 2012.  The adult club has also grown to close to 30 anglers. 

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