Michigan Bass Anglers
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We are always looking for new members.  Our club currently is welcoming Boaters and Non-boaters.  We welcome and encourage you to fill out the application and submit it. We will have someone contact you shortly...

The club is looking for anglers who really want to participate in the club.  We are not looking for "paper members". If you want to participate in an active club, we are your club, if you "just want to fish" we may not be the club you are looking for...

Please fill out the Form Below to be considered for membership of Michigan Bass Anglers or our Youth Club.  Some one will contact you shortly.



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  Enter 9 0's for Bass Number if you do not have one!

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Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted by someone about attending a couple of our meetings to introduce your self and meet our club members.  We look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy Bass fishing as much as we all do!

Sorry but you will have to fill in the code you see below, exactly as it appears, upper and lower case. Otherwise the form will not submit.

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