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Club Fund Raising

Our Bass Club is continuing our Sponsorship and fund raising drive for the upcoming season. 

Several types of Fund raisers are planned for the year. 

The Michigan Bass Anglers  is trying to teach our youth members that they need to be responsible for their actions.  In doing so, we ask that they help kick in towards each fishing tournament we put on for them.  We are trying to keep the cost to our boaters as affordable as possible so that they can continue to help out.  As most everyone knows, bass fishing is not cheap anymore.  The high cost of a high tech bass boat and gasoline prices have gotten out of hand. 

As part of the fund raising efforts, we will be offering sponsorship ads to sponsors as well as doing other fund raisers through the Adult club and Junior members.  Each ad or sponsorship will be placed on our web site in return for funding.  For significant financial support, the club is offering to place patches or emblems on our apparel and tournament shirts, that will be worn during our tournaments and at other events all season, as well as on the web site.  Click on the Sponsor Page to see who is helping out.

If you are interested in helping out, Chick Here , or call or email our club President Paul Wagner at 734-649-3942 or pwagner@michiganbassanglers.net. If you simply want to send along a donation, you are more than welcome to do so.  It can be sent to Michigan Bass Anglers, 7711 Munger Road, Ypsilanti, MI 48197.

Other Fund Raising efforts include:

  • Bottle and Can Collection Drive.    Our Junior Anglers will be going out, distributing flyers in selected neighborhoods and returning on a designated date collecting the bottles and cans.   If you are interested, and you receive one of our flyers, we hope you contribute towards our efforts.  Gather up your loose bottles and cans and set them by your door, we will stop back around and pick them up on the date on the flyer.  If you want to help us out and gather up your empties, get with us to see if we can work out having someone stop by and get them, or you can do a mini bottle drive and just send the proceeds directly to us. 
  • Empty Ink Cartridge Collection.  We have someone who is willing to pay us $1 for each empty ink cartridge we can collect and turn in.  If you want to collect empty ink cartridges, we make arrangements to gather them up.  We have a poster available to print and post at your business or pass along to any of your friends and family. 
  • Web Site Ad and Sponsorship Program.  We have a program we set up that will sell ad space on our web site as well as provide sponsors the opportunity to have the logos displayed at tournaments or on our tournament shirts for an entire season.  If you are interested in helping us out  CLICK HERE for more information.
  • Car Washes.  The club is planning on holding a few car washes this spring.  If you have a prime spot for such an event and would like to host one, please get with us. We would like to hold a car wash as soon as the weather breaks.
  • Candy Sales.  The club is currently discussing have  several candy sales in the near future.   Each club member will be sent out to try to sell candy to everyone they know or to any interested people.  We hope if you run into some of our "Sales Staff" you will buy a bar or two.
  • Trout Pond and Casting Kids Events.  The Michigan Bass Nation, our parent State BASS organization, graciously offered a couple of fund raising ventures to our club.  Our entire club worked at the Outdoor Rama in Novi recently to raise funds by working the Trout Pond and three casting Kids events.  We want to thank MBCF for the opportunity.

The money we raise will all be used towards various Junior Club events this fishing season.  We plan on buying trophies, fishing equipment, shirts and caps and other fishing related items this summer.   If you are interested in some way supporting our Youth Club, you can contact our Youth Director, Greg Choiniere at gregchoiniere@michiganbassanglers.net  or by phone at 248-437-7188.

We want to thank you in advance.